Santarcagelo di Romagna


Do you already know Santarcangelo?

Santarcangelo can be visited all year long! It is only a few kilometres away from the Romagna coast and rises on the hill of Giove, overlooking the green Valmarecchia.

There are lots of reasons to discover the city of Santarcangelo - its strong local identity and the atmosphere of a large village, the architectural beauty of its elegant buildings, village houses, narrow streets and small squares, which have conferred it the City of Arts title.


-   Distance: 10 km north of Rimini

-   Time: 3-4 hours

-   Difficulty: Moderate

-   Elevation Gain: 42 m ( 138ft )

-   Dogs: Yes

-   When to go: Year-round


The Old Town

The town is typically medieval and is rich in palaces, villas and monuments. 

Starting with Ganganelli Square you will immediately notice the imposing Arch dedicated to Pope Clement XIV, who was born right here, in Santarcangelo.

At the foot of the historic centre there is the park ‘Campo della Fiera‘, perfect for some moments of fun. There is also a fountain designed by the poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra, another character born in Santarcangelo.

Always just outside the city centre the Church of San Michele is worth a visit, reflecting the style of the Byzantine churches of Ravenna.

The Malatesta Castle

It is located in the highest position of the village and can only be visited in some parts, since it is a private residence.
Four-sided and with polygonal towers, it owes its present appearance to the work of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, who in 1447 brought some changes to the previous building erected by Carlo Malatesta in 1386.

The Caves

The other surprising and mysterious side of Santarcangelo are its underground tunnels: galleries, passages and wells.

In medieval times they were used for the preservation of wine. During world wars they also became a refuge for citizens.


In Santarcangelo you can find the Historical Archaeological Museum that preserves the archaeological and artistic evidence of the territory of Santarcangelo from prehistoric times to the 19th century.

If you are curious about popular traditions and the peasant world, continue your visit to the Met, the Ethnographic Museum of Customs and Costumes of the Romagna people.

Did you know that even buttons have a story to tell? At the small Button Museum, its founder Giorgio Gallavotti will present you a very rich collection of about 13,000 pieces divided into sections, each time telling the story of different periods of history.



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